Outstanding Features


Activities to Enjoy at Wit Hangmat

Activities to enjoy at the Wit Hangmat include walking and picnicking in nature, game and bird watching, cycling, swimming, relaxing in a heated jacuzzi (with a beautiful view of the bushveld) and endless hours around a bushveld fire spending quality time with loved ones and friends whilst preparing a traditional South African “braai”.

Animal life to expect on the premises are impala, zebra, bush babies, mongoose, tortoise, hares, porcupine and a wide variety of bird life. Our evenings resound with the sounds of jackal, hyena, lion and owls such as the African Nightjar etc.

And many more . . .

A swimming pool provides for relief on hot days and an additional smaller lapa caters for the couple who prefers privacy under the African stars whilst enjoying their own private boma and braai.

A playroom with various games as well as bicycles provides extra entertainment for the kids and the youthful.

The most outstanding feature of the Wit Hangmat is however the peace and tranquillity of our Lord Jesus Christ that transcends all human understanding. In this world the children of our Father (through the love of His Son Jesus Christ) need a place of quiet reflection where they can find healing and restoration in the presence of their Creator and His Creation.